About Hazan Shlomo Antebi

Hazan Shlomo Antebi has over 30 years experience working as a Hazan in the Sephardic Syrian community of New York. He has been the Hazan and Ba’al Kore of several Synagogues, spanning through New York, New Jersey and Florida. Hazan Antebi has also led High Holiday services at some of the most elite spots, including the Magen David Passover trip for over nine years. Hazan Antebi has a passion for music, which he has developed with 8 years of professional voice lessons, and learned Hazanut music with Joe Catton A”H and Vita Israel A”H. Born in Syria, he moved to the United States with his family at the age of 13 years old. He is inspired by Middle Eastern, Opera, and Modern music which he incorporates into his Hazanut style.